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Effect: this is an ideal product for problematic and ageing skin, as well as for Rosacea-prone skin. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, is used for treating eczema and dermatitis. It strengthens the skin, boosts its immunity, assist in restoration of the barrier properties. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Due to it astringent properties reduces the appearance of comedones, acne and infiltrates. It softens the skin, prevents water loss, does not block pores. It differs from DM2 in the percentage of the unique Immortelle oil.

Ingredients: Olive (Olea europaea) oil. Immortelle (Helichrysum sanguineum). Myrtle oil. Vitamin E, Grapefruit seed extract.

Instructions for use: add 5-15 drops into masks, toning lotions or creams. May be used as a night product for oily and problematic skin care.

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